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Asia Plywood Company, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of high quality tropical plywood products, has been constructing plywood panels for use throughout the modern world for high performance structural applications. In our effort to provide the highest quality plywood panels to our buyers, we spend a lot of time understanding the needs of your end customers and tailor the manufacturing process to assure the highest quality wood panel system.

When construction applications demand marine grade plywood, there are specific details in the manufacturing process that need to be adhered to in order to construct the best plywood panel for marine applications.

Our marine panels have been used throughout the world for the most rigorous of applications, including weathering Malaysia's own tropical elements on the exterior of a high rise or for high performance luxury yacht building, there's no limitation to what can be done with our quality Marine panels.

Below, we share some of our insight in building the world’s best marine plywood.

Premium Materials and Quality Construction

Not all marine plywoods are the same.  We use quality plywood as it is rated at a durability of Class-3 or better and suitable for extreme conditions such as marine craft, vehicle bodies and other high end marine applications.  When compared to Okoume which is rated “non-durable”, our quality plywood is superior, offering better insulation, strength, face veneer quality and appearance, and workability.  Asia Plywood Company understands the end uses of marine plywood and only uses high quality marine plywood panels that are consistently proven to last for years even in the most rigorous conditions.

Our Marine plywood panels are constructed of 100% Phenol Formaldehyde (Class E1) adhesive and available in the following sizes:

4MM, 6MM, 9MM, 12MM, 15MM, 18MM, 22MM and 25MM x 1220MM x 2440MM

Independently Audited and Certified

Asia Plywood Company manufacturers all of its marine plywood according to British Standard 1088 (BS1088) and is independently audited and certified to the Q-Mark standard by Exova BM Trada, assuring the best marine grade plywood for your customers.  Our cores are made of continuous sheets with minimal to zero core voids, and faces with no knots.  We use fully waterproof (immersion and boiling water tested) WBP phenolic glues and hand grade each panel.  Each panel features additional plies giving it strong screw and nail holding properties.

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Real World Performance

Our Exterior Grade and Marine Grade wood panels are so well-regarded in the industry, they are used by some of the most reputable yacht builders, including a well-known commercial yacht builder based in Southampton, UK for their largest 125’ flybridge superyacht flagship.  Displacing 200,000 kgs, this massive superyacht spared no expense in using the highest quality plywood products for the construction of various structural and cosmetic components sourced from dealers who were supplied with panels from Asia Plywood Company out of Kedah, Malaysia.

Environmental Certification

Want to take it a step further and offer only the best?  We can provide MTCS/PEFC certified BS1088 panels at only a slight increase in cost.  Your customers can enjoy the knowledge that these panels are Chain of Custody (CoC) certified by the largest renewable forest programs in the world in partnership with the only Southeast Asian forest certification program (MTCS).  All MTCS/PEFC certified woods are from renewable sources.  Our BS1088 Marine Plywood is naturally low in formaldehyde emissions and exceed European E0 emissions requirements.

Marine Plywood BS1088

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