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Asia Plywood Company Supplies Marine Plywood for Point 92 in Damansara Perdana

Point 92 is a modern 19-level office building developed by Tujuan Gemiland, and is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia).  It is the first building in Malaysia to feature and exterior facade consisting of plywood panels in combination with white concrete poured in situ. The unique property consists of 12 stories of offices occupying 155,000 sq. ft. with 7 levels of carpark space and derives its name from the 0.92 acre property it is constructed upon.  The building architecture was handled by ZLG Design Sdn. Bhd. and is certified under the Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI) and is the only MSC compliant building in Damansara Perdana.  It is slated for completion by the 3rd quarter of 2012.

In January of 2012, Huat Lim of ZLG Design Sdn. Bhd. contacted Arthur Iinuma of Asia Plywood Company Sdn. Bhd. to help consult and provide a suitable building material that could be locally sourced while keeping with the design aesthetic the architecture firm had in mind.  ZLG Design’s goal was ambitious - to face the main outdoor entrance area, elevator lobbies, and open areas on the 5th and 7th floors with a total of 31,000 sq ft (2880 sqm) of exposed 2’x8’ plywood panels.  After much research into various plywood species, ZLG Design decided that a tropical marine plywood manufactured by Asia Plywood Company would be the selected building material for the ambitious design.   Asia Plywood Company worked with ZLG Design to arrange the supply of 965 sheets of PEFC Certified 18mm Marine Plywood, manufactured in accordance with British Standard 1088, to Tujuan Gemiland’s construction contractors whom as of October 2012, have largely completed the exterior plywood façade as seen in the accompanying pictures.

Our company is honored to have the opportunity to provide our quality marine plywood panels for such an ambitious project.  Asia Plywood Company’s Marine Plywood panels have been used throughout the world for various woodworking and construction projects and continues to serve as the cornerstone exterior building material for the worlds needs. 

Point 92 - Malaysia Marine Plywood on ACMV

Approach view showing drop ACMV lanterns and ceiling treatment.

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All photography courtesy Huat Lim.

Point 92 - Malaysia Marine Plywood on Balcony

Wall and ceiling treatment in balcony area.

Point 92 - Asia Plywood Marine Ply in Lobby

Main foyer demonstrating the seamless transition of plywood from interior to exterior.

Point 92 - Malaysian Marine Ply on Breakout

Treated 2'x8' Marine Panels along ceiling and wall.

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