The Asia Plywood Company Difference.  Ask for Us by Name. -Arthur Iinuma
Why Buy from Asia Plywood Company?

We Call It, Wood Diversity.

Asia Plywood Company is the only plywood mill that sources it's woods from the dense and well irrigated forests of both East and West Malaysia, having factories located on both regions of Malaysia.  We are able to select from an abundant array of indigenous tropical species to form the perfect combination of core and face veneers for the highest quality plywood product available. 

Malaysian trees are exceptional sources of plywood material in that they are available in both red and white species with uniform grade and color throughout, grow fairly quickly, and are relatively hard.  These trees are harder than equivalently priced species in the United States, and when formed into plywood sheets, have unmatched torsional rigidity and strength.

Asia Plywood Company also imports species from the forests of New Zealand or PEFC certified woods that are locally sourced.  These come to us in the form of 'plantation species' softwoods that are the quickest and least difficult to grow.  When combined with Malaysian hardwoods, they form a resilient panel system while being environmentally conscious altogether. 

Our combination of buying power and knowledge of locally sourced hardwoods allows us to offer high volumes of uniform grade BB-faced plywood for our customers.

Species, Only Part of the Picture.

All of the components of the plywood panel must come together flawlessly in order to produce a perfect product.  It is of no use to have an exceptional selection of species but no knowledge or control of how they come together.  It is for this reason that our company has invested over 50 years of time and effort into the production of quality plywood panels and continues to reinforce this tradition today. 

A timber log only becomes a 'veneer' until after it has been peeled using a rotary lathe - this is one of the basic principles of plywood construction, yet it is understated in it's significance.  It should be no surprise that the machine that peels the timber log into veneer sheets must be of supreme quality - that is why we only use Japenese-engineered, Meinan, Taihei and Uroko brand rotary lathes to create our core and veneer materials.  We follow the same principles for all of our essential machinery and undergo a strict maintenance regimen to ensure optimal calibration and working performance.

Plywood production involves multiple steps, where poor quality control can have significant impacts on the final product. 

This is a list of just a few of the issues we have observed in other factories:

1.  Improperly arranged core pieces causing overlap - results in pronounced uneveness and inconsistent thickness throughout the panel

2.  Poor inspection of source species resulting in oily cores - results in bonding problems at the panel edge with eventual separation of the core and veneer layers

3.  Use of inferior quality glues from China - results in performance problems under use, when the product has already reached its end user

4.  Use of hot press for drying core and veneer material - results in unacceptably high moisture levels, poor glue bonding, and material unevenness; common in Chinese factories that do not invest in chambered dryers.

5.  Use of inferior quality machines - even fairly common in Malaysian mills, where owners will work with Chinese-made and Taiwanese-made machines for essential processes such as core and veneer peeling, producing veneers that are inconsistent in thickness or uneven material from poorly calibrated blades.

6.  Improper storage of end products - where factories do not invest in properly enclosed warehouses and SE Asia's strong tropical rainstorms cause product damage even before it has left the port.

Have You Seen the Mill That Produces Your Product?

We have nothing to hide.  We always invite all of our potential customers to visit our mills, so that they can see exactly where their product is made.  Our significant investments into the company show, and we strive to deliver this confidence to all of our buyers.  See for yourself the difference.

When buying commodity plywood from South East Asia, specify none other than Asia Plywood Company.  If your importer does not carry our product, ask them to contact us.

Arthur Iinuma, Global Sales Director, Asia Plywood Company

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